01 January 2015

Pullet Farm LED's Leading the way

The Lives We Impact

"I was having terrible problems with my lighting system.  Something was causing my lamps to flicker and the birds not doing good at all.  I called Dan, and he spent two hours on the phone with me until we figured out what the problem was.  He then told me the information of the dealer who I could purchase the lights from and since then everything has been working great! thank you"


Jeff Joster,

Luverne, Alabama

“I never realized what all was involved in light bulbs.  I called campbell lighting and they explained to me all the different things that these new lights can help with.  Dan made sure to get me pointed in the right direction and i am very grateful for that.


Susan Oakrider,

Oklahoma Poultry Farmer

Field Tested LED's

It’s important to us that our customers receive the absolute finest quality products at best prices with unmatched customer service and after the sale support.

Our M4 Sunlight Series Low Amp Draw HPS Fixtures were the first to be introduced into the industry and continue to lead the industry in quality and design.

Made in USA

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Business hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM CST - Toll Free: 1-800-359-7265

25 September 2014

Cobb birds shown improved fertility under HPS fixtures


  • Free Lighting System Advice
  • Help with diagnosing lamp problems
  • Providing solutions to customers based on University and Field Test studies
  • Same day shipping - UPS or Freight

We’re fortunate enough to have the resources available to us to field test the products we sell in order to maintain maximum efficiency and compatibility with Poultry House dimmers.

Service and Sales

Campbell Lighting, Inc.  

5 May 2015

Lower Wattage HPS Shown to reduce power cost